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Kota Doria with Silk Suit

Kota Doria with Silk Suit

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Hand block printing is a centuries-old Indian art form that uses a hand-carved teak wood block to print garments. These garments are purely a work of artisans and unsymmetric in nature. This catalog is inspired from traditional motifs of flowers.

The packet contains:
Top: Cotton hand Block Printed (2.5 Mtr)
Bottom: Cotton hand Block Printed (2.5 Mtr)
Dupatta: Kota Doria (Zari Border) Hand Block Printed (2.5 Mtr).

A Kota silk handblock printed suit in Chapai handlooms is a stunning ensemble that showcases the
elegance of both the fabric and the traditional handloom technique. This combination results in a truly
exquisite and unique outfit.

The suit is crafted from Kota silk, a lightweight and sheer fabric that drapes gracefully. Kota silk is known
for its square-shaped weave, called "khat," which lends it a distinctive texture and appearance. The
fabric's softness and breathability make it ideal for warm weather and special occasions.

The handblock printing technique is employed to create intricate and beautiful designs on the Kota silk
fabric. Skilled artisans carve intricate motifs onto wooden blocks, which are then dipped in dyes or
pigments and pressed onto the fabric. This process creates repetitive patterns that showcase the
craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The handblock printing designs on the Kota silk suit can vary, ranging from traditional motifs such as
paisleys, florals, or geometric patterns to contemporary and abstract designs. The colors used in the
printing process are vibrant and captivating, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the outfit.

When wearing a Kota silk handblock printed suit in Chapai handlooms, you are not only adorned in a
luxurious and visually stunning ensemble but also supporting traditional craftsmanship and the
preservation of cultural heritage. The blend of the lightweight Kota silk, intricate handblock printing,
creates a captivating outfit that is perfect for festive occasions, weddings, or other special events where
you want to make a memorable impression with your style.






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